Isn’t it true that almost everyone wants the same thing in life? Most people want to be lucky in love, life, business and finances. And attorneys are no exception. In fact, most lawyers want the same thing as their competitors—to capture potential clients and attract search engines with their blogs and online legal marketing efforts in order to grow their businesses. So, how can you beat your competitor out?

Attracting Clients and Search Engines with Your Attorney Blog

There are several elements to attract both humans and search engines in your attorney marketing efforts that include:

  • Creative Titles. The headline is the first impression a reader has of your blog. If it is not catchy or creative, it will not grasp the reader’s interest and cause him or her to click on the link and read more.
  • Fresh Content. Both search engines and people like reading original, fresh content. In fact, search engines reward websites with new material, and blogs are easy ways to update your law firm website with fresh content.
  • Structure of Content. Your content should be structured so that the headlines match the content of your blogs or articles. The opening paragraph should grip the reader’s attention by appealing to a person’s emotions, followed by more information about the topic at hand, then ending with a call to action.

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