A destination URL, also known as a landing page, is an important aspect of any attorney pay-per-click advertising campaign. When a potential client clicks on your law firm’s advertisement, it is essential that the landing page convince the individual to reach out and contact the attorney. Failing to put enough time and effort into developing an effective landing page is big mistake that could cost the firm potential clients, who lose interest after landing on a difficult-to-navigate page or a page that is simply not useful.

What are some of the key characteristics of an effective landing page as part of a legal marketing strategy? The following are traits that have proven successful for other law firms:
  • List testimonials from present and former clients that highlight the strengths of your law firm.
  • Offer free reports or widgets that address the specific legal questions that your target clients are typically seeking answers for.
  • Provide multiple methods for the client to reach out to your firm. This can include a toll-free phone number, an email address, an online chat option, or an online contact form.
  • Post a video of the attorneys of your law firm. This provides a more personal view of the firm and can build trust from potential clients.
  • List prior success stories, especially those with large verdicts or settlements.
  • Provide valuable legal information about the particular practice area.

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