You probably know what keywords are by now. “Lawyer,” your state, your city, and your practice area all qualify—but they’re not enough. To be at their most effective, these must be used as part of a key phrase—and search engines will know the difference.

There are two ways to make a good key phrase for online legal advertising. One is to add a few key words together, such as “Virginia car crash lawsuit”—making three keywords into one phrase. The other is a little trickier and involves “long-tail” keywords: phrases that won’t be searched as often, but are so specific no other site will be as good a match.

Let’s examine the four rules of good key phrases:

  • Get local. At least one key phrase per page should contain your location. A state, a city, or even a neighborhood will do nicely.
  • Get specific. “Personal injury” doesn’t tell the reader as much about what you do as “car accident,” “slip and fall,” or “work accident” would.
  • Think like your client. Using legal terms as keywords won’t get you anywhere—unless you want more attorneys as clients. “Surgery accident” is more likely to be searched than “medical malpractice.”
  • Think outside the copy. Many attorneys make the mistake of using keywords in their copy, but completely neglecting the titles, headlines, and “behind the scenes” tags for their posts. You should have one key phrase in each of these areas.

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