KISS Your Competition Goodbye By Following These Legal Marketing Tips

How do you create a successful legal marketing campaign? You keep it simply simple (KISS).

This concept is relatively easy to grasp, yet many lawyers still don’t seem to get it.  The Yellow Pages is proof of that. You can’t take a look at all of the massive ads crammed with practice areas and call them “simple.” They are the opposite. If you focused on five different practice areas, it is impossible to create one ad or an entire marketing campaign that included all of these areas.  The message would quickly become complex. Potential clients would only be confused and move on to the next ad.

Choose your niche.
Does choosing a niche mean you need to give up one of your practice areas? Not necessarily. What it does mean is that you develop a lawyer marketing campaign for each niche. It also means that you must do the following:
  • Create separate ads for each niche.
  • Use different lists to which you will market.
  • Find the media that is appropriate for each of your niches.

Keep it simply simple and get more cases.
When you decide on your niche (or niches) you can put yourself in the right place at the right time. You will be able to reach your ideal clients with a powerful message that is directed towards them.

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