Know Your Local Area for Seasonal Advertising

Are you in a coastal town with an annual seafood festival? Is the opening day of hunting season in your area more than just a date on the calendar? Can you tell it's tourist season in your city just by looking at the wait list of a restaurant? Every local area has its own seasonal quirks beyond just the 4 regular seasons, and your legal marketing can take advantage of it.

If you've got an agriculturally heavy area you should be well familiar with the impact growing and hunting/fishing seasons have on the community. Safety tips for hunters, business tips for farmers, and just general fun pieces about your local flavor are great things to spruce up your newsletter and website content.

It may seem like personal injury lawyers are really the only ones who benefit from seasonal changes, but that's not true. A good entrepreneurial lawyer can find a way to take any good legal marketing strategy and make it work for their legal marketing. Business law attorneys know that there are seasons in their clients' businesses: tax times, fiscal year planning, and various times for reporting.

Incorporating seasonal events in your legal marketing is a great opportunity to connect to your clients in a more personal way. It shows you're interested in them beyond a claim and a legal fee - you're involved in what's going on in their world and the area around them.

Showing knowledge of the local seasons is just one way you can be seasonal with your legal marketing. My article talks about the real 4 seasons and their impact on marketing, plus how local trends can offer new opportunities to grab the spotlight. 

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