Latch on to Your Friends’ Herds to Boost Your Legal Marketing

When you hear about marketing to the clients of another lawyer, it probably raises some immediate ethical red flags. Hold on, because it's legitimate and effective! As long as you're not working with a competing attorney in the same practice and geographical area, you can benefit quite well from tapping into the client lists of others.

A lawyer who practices family law could definitely benefit from partnering with a personal injury lawyer. As a family grows, they may face things like birth injuries, car accidents, or workplace injury. If they've been to the family law attorney for a previous need such as a pre-nuptial agreement, they may turn to that lawyer again to see if they can connect them to a personal injury attorney.

Many clients of professional services will consult their provider for the opinion or recommendation of another similar service.
You'd probably ask the advice of your regular family doctor when it comes to recommending a specialist for some sort of medical treatment. The same goes for lawyers - clients know their lawyer knows other lawyers, so they'd most likely ask them for a recommendation.

Trading information through your legal marketing pieces is also a great way to use your legal networking contacts to your advantage.
Offer to trade articles for your newsletters to add some variety to your content. Or do a guest blog on a related topic on each other's websites.

You can benefit a lot by using your professional networking connections to get your name out to unexpected marketing places. My article covers how you can use the status of other successful professionals to boost your own reputation and not feel guilty about it. 

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