Maintaining regular and consistent contact with the individuals in your law firm’s database through law firm marketing is the only way to remain relevant in the minds of potential clients. With so many qualified attorneys ready and willing to snap up new business, it is more important than ever to stay at the forefront of the minds of these individuals.
However, life in a law firm is busy and time is precious. How can attorneys make monthly contact a priority?
The following is a list of tips for ensuring this contact occurs, improving the efficiency of your legal marketing strategy:
  • Diary a calendar entry to ensure that contact takes place every month.
  • Vary the form of contact. Some means of contact are more time consuming than others. Consider using the more lengthy forms of contact, such as newsletters, less frequently than once a month. During other months use a quicker form, such as Facebook updates.
  • Set aside specific blocks of time to devote to attorney marketing. Make these blocks a priority that cannot be changed.
  • Utilize forms of contact that maximize effectiveness while minimizing the amount of time required, such as social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Making consistent contact with your law firm’s database of potential, prior, and existing clients is essential to law firm marketing. To learn more about effective ways of communicating with contacts and lawyer marketing, contact the legal marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. For more information, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829.
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