In addition to understanding the way that internet searches are conducted with the growing popularity of social networking, law firm marketing plans must also consider how these networks will impact search rankings. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Google+ will now be even more important for law firms wishing to attract new clients. The following is an overview of the changes to prepare for:

  • Google is allocating a percentage of search results to social media. Therefore, if your law firm does not have a social media presence, your rankings will fall.
  • Google is indexing Facebook comments into its algorithm.
  • The more active the “conversations” about your law firm that take place on the various social networks, the higher your website will rank in Google search results
  • Links to your page, likes of your page, and comments on your page on Facebook and Twitter will also improve your ranking
  • Google is aiming to use more of a human factor in determining its rankings, and incorporating social networking trends is one way of doing so
  • Google theorizes that the pages people link to and share with their friends are more likely to be authentic sites with quality content and practices, therefore deserving of a higher page ranking
  • Google is acknowledging that social networking has become an important and integral part of society, and therefore is aiming to incorporate these practices into real time search results
  • How law firms interact with potential and existing clients will show on search results. As such, they should show the personality of the firm, be informative, and conversational.

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