Is the most inspiring part of your lawyer marketing campaign the offer for a free consultation? If so, you are missing a valuable opportunity to earn the business of potential clients. While there is nothing wrong with offering free consultations, your legal advertisements need to go further to call potential clients to action. Nearly every attorney advertisement that potential clients will come across will offer a free consultation. It is, therefore, essential that your ads offer something more, enticing potential clients to pick up the phone and call you rather than any other lawyer.


How can you create a call to action that goes beyond merely offering a free consultation? Here are some examples:


  1. Tell them why it is a mistake not to contact an attorney, using specific examples.

  2. Offer access to free, relevant, and valuable information about their legal issue.

  3. Instruct the potential client on specific steps that should be taken to address their legal issue.

  4. Convey a sense of urgency for the need to seek legal counsel.


The call to action is very important because it can mean the difference between potential clients picking up the phone and reaching out or reviewing your lawyer marketing materials and moving on to another law firm. Including the fact that your firm offers free consultation is not by itself a mistake. Failing to go further, however, will do nothing to set your advertisement apart from the sea of other advertisements flooding the media.


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