Ben, I am opening my new law office soon. What's the very first thing that an attorney should do regarding the marketing of a new practice?

First piece of advice is

Develop your database.. what is going to be the software to keep you contacts for you? It might be one of old school case management pieces of software but probably not.

here's the criteria

1. can names be segregated into multiple groups easily (i.e. referal sources, consumers, current clients)

2. if some one comes to my website (that I'm going to build) and fills out a form asking for info, will their contact info automatically be added to my database?

3. can I do batch email out of that software... not that email will our primary way to market but it will be A way to market

4. can I set up an auto reponder system using the database?

Next step... write your information piece. (book, white paper, etc)

Yes, this is "hard." Good marketing is complex. Most are too lazy to try. The biggest difference between my marketing mastermind members and the lawyers who quit our program is that the mastermind members are always taking action.
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