My friend attorney Ches Crosbie has a great post on new advertising rules for lawyers in Canada.

Apparently, regulators in Canada, in addition to requiring the type of disclaimers that basically say "Canadians are too stupid to understand what they just read" (Canadians aren't stupid - the regulators? - well, you figure it out) also want to limit advertising that says "we are aggressive."

Now, I always thought that's pretty much dumb advertising - I mean, come on - do you want to hire a lawyer that is not aggressive? Can't everyone pretty much say that?

Welcome, Canada, to the world of overregulation of lawyer advertising. We've got the First Amendment to the Constitution.

What do you have?

p.s. I've been working with Ches Crosbie for a number of years. I think if you've been in an accident in the far eastern part of Canada you should give him a call. My opinion is that he is one of the best personal injury lawyers in Canada. Tell him Ben Glass said "hello."

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