You want every one of the press releases you make for your “latest news” section to serve some purpose in creating consumer awareness and improving the relevance of your site in search engine results.


You want a good take-away for your readers, something worth their time and effort—but also something that’s going to keep your practice on the tip of their tongues when the opportunity for a referral arises.


So what’s a good attorney press release? How about:

  • Winning a big case or settlement.
  • Celebrating changes and landmarks for your firm, such as big anniversaries or a new branch opening
  • Charitable contributions, volunteer work, and other public services, especially ones related to your practice areas.
  • Efforts to make your offices more environmentally friendly.
  • Human-interest pieces: Do you have a staff softball team? Is one of your interns about to graduate from law school?


It might be less attention grabbing to release information like the following:

  • “Wedding announcement” style press releases, such as “our firm is proud to announce the arrival of a new partner…” The fact is, these sorts of items are pretty boring, and your bounce rates will reflect that.
  • “Press releases” that are actually scripts to bad TV spots—simple self-promotion that isn’t actually providing any interest or information.
  • Personal blog articles about your private life.  If an article can’t be taken seriously in an informative, third person tone, it probably isn’t appropriate as a press release.


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