One of the problems with being a lawyer (or almost any other type of professional, such as a doctor or plumber) is that you don't have recourse to those marketing gimmicks you constantly see on TV and on the Internet. Some examples include:

  • Buy one, get one free. How would this apply to your legal practice? If you successfully defend a client against a drunk-driving charge, does he get his murder rap handled for free?
  • Sweepstakes and contests. As a rule, state bar committees look very dimly on lawyers who advertise their practices by giving away cash or merchandise.
  • Sales and discounts. Sure, you can offer a 50 percent off sale, charging $100 instead of $200 an hour to new clients. You can also happily go out of business!

Why are these solutions impractical for your marketing needs? Well, being a lawyer entails having a certain amount of dignity, and you'll look like a fool if you advertise your services the way a department store advertises its bedding department. Also, offering your services at a discount won't impress a potential client, even if he doesn't have enough money to hire a full-priced lawyer. All he'll be thinking is, “this guy is so desperate for clients that he can't possibly be a good attorney. I'll sell my car instead and go with that full-priced guy down the block.”

At Great Legal Marketing, we know that growing your legal practice is a complicated undertaking, and one that requires serious thought and effort, not gimmicky promotions. For tips on attorney marketing strategies, browse our website and download your free preview chapter of Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing book. When you’re ready to explore custom solutions for your law firm, call our legal marketing mavens at 888-791-2150 to learn more.

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