Lawyers Increasingly Turning to Advertising

Lawyers Increasingly Turning to Advertising.

That's the headline at least of a Florida Bar New article that tries to equate the number of lawyer ad reviews it is doing to real spending by lawyers on advertising.

Apparently the Florida Bar's "advertising committee" has seen 20% more ads for review than it did a year ago.

The increase may have nothing to do with actual lawyer spending on ads since the Florida bar recently changed its lawyer advertising rules to require pre-approval of electronic ads.


Since internet marketing is becoming THE dominant force in lawyer advertising, is it really any surprise that the bar is reviewing more ads?

What would be really interesting is for the Florida bar to publish a compilation of ads it gets and note where it has "dissallowed" the ads. Then the Florida Bar advertising committee might actually be doing something useful for lawyers (instead of routinely trampelling on the First Amendment.) On the other had, such a compilation might just expose the advertising committee's agenda.

Let's wait and see!
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