Think about your working life and what makes a job good or bad. It may be the hours, the location, but mostly it's the people you have to interact with. If you're in customer service, it's obviously the customers, and if you're in an office it's your co-workers. The people you deal with on a day-to-day basis can make or break how much you enjoy your job.

The first step to building your ideal clientele is to narrow down your legal marketing campaign. Who are you looking to represent? If you're a personal injury attorney you're going to be looking for injury victims of course. But do you specialize in victims of car accidents, defective products, workplace accidents? Advertising a specialized practice area is great, but there's a broad range of personal injuries and an even broader range of clients within.

No two clients will respond to a marketing campaign the same way and if you have a specific client in mind, you'll want to concentrate on hooking that one client. Tailoring your marketing campaign to a specific small group of people who are likely to become long-term clients is worth much more to you than casting a wide net over people who won't benefit your practice beyond a single case.

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