Lawyers Need to Regain the Trust of the Community

One of the most effective legal marketing strategies is to get out in the community and do some good. Building a brand around your name is a key component to establishing a good reputation with your clients. The more your name is seen within the local area, the more apt clients are to remember it when they need an attorney.

But how can you ensure you're putting your name in good places? Community sponsorships and events are an excellent legal marketing venue for getting your name out there while showcasing your commitment to better your community. Festivals, parades, local sports team sponsorships, school partnerships, etc. are all great places to put your logo, but being there in person is even better. 

Many local sports teams and schools seek local businesses to sponsor them. In turn, you get to show off your logo on jerseys or sign boards. Festivals and parades are also great because not only can your name be present on banners for the event, but you can usually have a physical presence on a parade float or at a booth.

Community participation puts you face-to-face with your potential clients and shows them you care about what they care about - your community.
Just think - you could be the only lawyer out there! Capitalize on that notion, chat with anyone who stops by and you'll be amazed at how many people can be convinced to hire legal help on matters they've been kicking around for years. At the least, they'll have your card, logo giveaway item, or brochure for future reference (which they can then share with friends!).

I've got a lot more to say on rebuilding the reputation and trust of lawyers in the community in my article. One of the best ways to regain your position of trust and authority in the community is through ethical, good legal marketing that breaks away from the stereotypes. 

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