Being the best in your market is not much of a benefit to you at all.

The reason is that consumers do not know the difference. They have no good way to tell a good lawyer from a bad lawyer. The Florida Bar, with its newly enacted lawyer advertising rules, make this point very clear - they will allow you to get a testimonial from a client about your "good service" but not about your "good skills as a lawyer". Why?  The Florida Bar recognizes the consumers are not qualified to make that judgment. (This is about the only smart thing the Florida Bar, which is famous for its limitations on "overly dramatic sounds in lawyer ads", has ever said about lawyer advertising.)

The second thing to understand very clearly is that we believe that the practice of law is a very honorable and important profession. We do not think you should be attracting clients for legal services that you are not qualified to deliver. In fact, we condemn marketing and advertising whose purpose is to attract cases you are not qualified to do. But this gets right back up to the point I made above - the public does not know, and right now you have a competitor in your market who is getting cases you should be getting, and he is not qualified to handle them.

Finally, I am sure that you will agree with me that if your practice is solid and the income is not only predictable but growing you are in a far better position to deliver not only high quality legal services but a high-quality client experience to those who seek you out. At the end of the day, this does far more to enhance the public perception of lawyers than any "campaign" run by any lawyers' association that basically says "Love a lawyer - they are all good."

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