Legal Marketers Know How to Use the Media to Promote Their Practices

People are obsessed with celebrities or those individuals who they perceive as famous. They think that anyone who winds up on television, in the newspaper or on the radio must be someone of importance. If you don’t believe me, consider reality television. Ordinary people who somehow grab a spot on one of these shows instantly catapult from a “no one” to a star. How does that happen? Again, it comes down to perception.

Attorneys can, and should, use publicity to promote their practices.
Criminal defense attorneys get this concept. They are often out in front of the courthouse talking about the victory or conviction that has just occurred in some legal battle involving their clients. While victories don’t happen often for these people, the fact that they got any publicity at all is a major triumph. The reasoning is that people typically do not remember what they read or heard about you. They simply remember that they read or heard about you. The conclusion is that you must be famous, and therefore important.

Whether publicity is good or bad, there is always an opportunity to use it to your advantage. You have to think like a marketer and continuously search out ways to promote your practice.

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