A lot of lawyers, even the ones that come to me for legal marketing strategies, get upset when I tell them they need to start running their law firm like a business. They give me excuses about law being a higher calling, but at the end of the day, running a law practice is running a business.

When you lose track of that basic idea, you are stopping your law firm from growing and becoming profitable like a well-run business would.

A big part of the process is to stop relying on traditional lawyer advertising and change your legal marketing strategy to actually focus on the types of cases you care about.

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that they don't attract their ideal client by generically marketing themselves to everyone or copying their competitors' advertisements, but that is exactly what lawyers do every single day.

What type of cases do you want to work on? You need to start thinking about who your perfect client is and what they are looking for in an attorney. Successful businesses market themselves to their specific demographic. They figure out what information those clients are looking for and deliver through their branding, advertisements, and so on.

When you stop looking at how every other lawyer is marketing themselves and start looking at running your law firm like the business that it is, you'll start attracting the cases and clients you really want. Only then will your law firm grow into the type of practice that allows you to provide great legal services while still getting home on time for dinner.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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