Pay per click advertising is an excellent supplement to other forms of attorney web marketing. The strategy works by purchasing specific keywords, which then allows your advertisement to appear at the top of a search result list. In order to maximize the return on your investment, consider utilizing geo-targeting as part of your pay per click campaign.

What is geo-targeting and how does it work with legal advertising? The following is a brief overview:
  • Geo-targeting controls where in the United States the advertisements will appear.
  • The plan usually gives you a choice between several different advertising options. This includes focusing on an entire city or targeting a zip code.
  • Consider how far from your office you want to take on new cases, and choose your geo-targeting options accordingly.
  • Take the maximum location you are willing to consider and extend it by approximately 30 miles, since your target potential clients may conduct a search from outside of their home.
  • Choosing too broad of an area is a mistake since it will attract clients from areas outside of the range where you are seeking to work.
  • Selective geo-targeting is a more efficient legal advertising strategy, since it is less expensive to bid on words that are local rather than national in scope.

Utilizing geo-location techniques as part of a pay per click advertising plan will help you to attract your law firm’s ideal clients. The geo-specific pay per click ads that result can supplement other forms of law firm advertising as well. For more information, contact a legal marketing consultant atGreat Legal Marketing at 703-591-9829.
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