You know who want as a client. You and your legal marketing consultant have determined where your prospective client lives. You know enough about your client to know what search terms he or she is likely to enter when looking for you. You are ready to set up your pay per click law firm advertisement … or you will be, as soon as that ad is written. Below are some tips for writing a pay per click ad that will convert searchers who have found your ad into clients who will pay you for your services.
Three Tips for a Successful Pay Per Click Law Firm Marketing Ad
When you write your ad, it is important to:
  • Think like your client and answer a client’s questions. People who need your services are already engaged in a conversation. They have questions that need answering. If you answer them in your ad then you will be useful and remembered.
  • Make your practice stand out from the others. Explain why you are different and why you should be the law firm your reader calls.
  • Include a call to action. Consider offering something for free. Whether you offer a book, a report, a video, or other service, you will gain enough information to follow up with the searcher later. The searcher will remember you for the product you offered.
As with everything else you do to market your law firm, it is important to continually assess the success of your pay per click ads and to modify any ads that are underperforming. A legal marketing consultant can help you do that and help you design a comprehensive and successful lawyer marketing strategy. For more information, please call an experienced attorney marketing consultant at 703.591.9829.
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