Despite utilizing an effective legal marketing strategy targeted towards the law firm’s perfect client, there will be instances where potential clients who contact the firm are not a good fit at that time. However, that does not mean that the potential client will not be a good fit in the future. As a result, maintaining contact with these individuals is a valuable attorney marketing tool. 

How are your law firm’s contacts converted into paying clients? The following are three helpful law firm marketing tips.
  1. Maintain regular, consistent contact so that your law firm remains fresh in the minds of your contacts.
  2. Provide free, educational resources that pertain to the legal needs of your law firm’s target client. When the contact develops a need for your law firm’s legal services, he or she will consider your firm the go-to source for information.
  3. Remain easily accessible to contacts of your firm. Maintain an easy to navigate website that appears at the top of a Google search. Create social media accounts and interact with your contact list, this includes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. When the thought arises to the client that legal services are needed for himself or a friend, it will be easy for them to contact you.
  4. Educate contacts on the need for legal representation. Often, potential clients are not ready to hire an attorney because they do not fully understand how important it is to have adequate legal counsel in their corner.

Understanding how to convert contacts into paying clients is an important aspect of legal marketing. To learn more, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. For more information, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829.
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