Jim Brown is the founder of Castle Law, a consumer bankruptcy law firm with offices in Missouri and Illinois. He has helped over 30,000 people with their financial struggles. He is also Great Legal Marketing's bankruptcy legal marketing coach. We asked Jim what to tell us what is unique about his lawyer marketing strategy and how this strategy helped him bring in more than a million dollars in increased business.

Jim says he tries to think about what the client is going through. People hire bankruptcy lawyers because they are facing a tough financial situation. They are worried that they will lose their homes and perhaps even end up in the street and unable to care for their families. He uses these worries as the focus of his legal marketing.

This concern is behind Jim's book about the bankruptcy process. His website is full of information about the bankruptcy process, foreclosure, car repossession and other problems his clients are facing.

Interested in learning more of Jim's secrets? Join Great Legal Marketing's bankruptcy marketing and practice coaching program, meet with Jim, and get tips targeted to your practice area. Contact Great Legal Marketing at 703-591-9829.

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