One of the best legal marketing ideas is also the simplest: start a blog based on your specialty. Like anything related to marketing—online or offline—blogging is a simple strategy that hides vast subtleties and nuances.

If you’ve never written for an online audience before, you can easily find yourself waylaid by all sorts of problems, such as:
  • Design issues. If you don’t have someone to provide “upkeep” for your blog on your behalf, you can waste lots of would-be billable hours fiddling with unfamiliar technical stuff.
  • Idea fatigue. You may know your topic really well. But putting your lawyer marketing ideas into words can be difficult. How many times can you say, in an original way, that an injury victim needs to call a lawyer?
  • Dealing with “trolls.” If your blog becomes successful, you may need to deal with people who come onto your blog and leave nasty or strange comments. It's lots of work with no measurable reward. You don't blog for fun and games; you blog to try to generate prospects or actual clients.
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To do a blog well, you need help. Many lawyers find that their time is far too valuable to do any aspect of blogging or blog up-keep. That’s fine. If you really love to write, you might take a crack at doing some of the writing. Or you might find it more useful to outsource the work to professional writers, and thereby release your time to devote to your practice and personal life.

You also need to identify your legal marketing goals with respect to your blog. What do you want your blog to accomplish for you? Are you just looking to generate more calls to your 1-800 number? Or are you looking to generate calls from a specific type of client suffering from a specific type of problem?

You really need to think through the purpose of this endeavor, as well as the rules of conduct that should apply to it. In general, the more “one-pointed” you are about the purpose of the blog, the easier it will be to optimize your blog marketing for success. For instance, instead of targeting all auto accident victims in your state, focus on one city: the place where you get the most business. And focus on the kind of case that you most like to do. Counterintuitively, this extremely narrow focus will give you an advantage not only within that narrow realm but also within the broader marketplace.
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