If you are one of those attorneys who took five years too late to build a website, you probably don’t like thinking about all the business you probably lost. But if you’re resisting social media for the same reasons, you will likely be doomed to repeat your mistake—and not just because it’s a way to promote your law firm online.

Social media is increasingly affecting how people search for products online. Not only are people likely to search for services via their social media accounts, they are also more likely to base their decisions on personal endorsements (such as from a Facebook friend).

Considering the following trend in searching for law firms online:

  • Past. When search engines were first developed, their algorithms were based solely on keywords. Sites were considered relevant to a search based on how often the search term appeared on the page.
  • Present. As search engines advanced, they gained the ability to scan content. This allowed a more precise search, since engines could assess the “value” of a site based on key phrases and links to a particular page.
  • Future. People are steering away from looking for businesses or services online via search engines, and regressing to asking friends for recommendations. This is called social searching: asking for information from your social media contacts.

This is why the best marketing for lawyers involves a comprehensive social media strategy. Just as with your website, your social media marketing is twofold: to attract new clients with your free materials and communicate with prospective clients in a way they would be willing to recommend to others.

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