An excellent way to improve your lawyer marketing campaign is to observe others who have achieved the success that you desire to have. Often, these individuals are happy to meet with you or engage in a conversation about what it is that makes them so successful. This is a valuable resource that can be used to improve the success of your law firm.
Even where talking with other successful individuals is impossible, researching their habits is often possible using the Internet.
What are the habits and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that can be used in your legal marketing? The following is an example of some of these traits:
  • They surround themselves with other successful people who love their jobs and believe in education-based marketing.
  • They interact with other successful people who understand the importance of social media and the Internet.
  • They are willing to think outside the box and be the first to try a new technique.
  • They are willing to break away from traditional, outdated, and boring attorney marketing techniques, such as yellow page advertisements.
  • They never make excuses and instead focus on how to improve.
  • They do not dwell on their real or perceived shortcomings or failures.
  • They believe that they can be successful regardless of their educational or socio-economic background.
  • They are not afraid to step away from the crowd and choose to be different.
  • They treat a law firm for what it is: a business, just like any other business in any industry. If techniques work well for other such businesses, they are willing to explore whether those strategies can be applied to a law firm.

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