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Ok, I really can't sum up legal marketing in one blog post. I still can't even sum it all up in my weekend Great Legal Marketing SuperConferences. That's why I keep writing new books and guides on the subject, because it's just too big and ever changing to really ever contain.

What I can tell you is the basics of legal marketing, and what they mean to your law practice. Your legal marketing is the message you send to your clients that tells them who you are, what you do, and what you mean to them. The more unique and targeted that message is, the better your legal marketing can be.

Legal marketing is also part strategy, in that you need a method to send your message. If your goal is to tell people you're the best dog bite lawyer out there, you need to develop a good strategy of how to do that. It's here that lawyer advertising comes into play.

As you can see, there are differences between legal marketing and lawyer advertising. My article on the subject explains those differences, yet shows how the two concepts still need to work together to be effective. 

At Great Legal Marketing, we focus on saying NO to ineffective traditional lawyer marketing. We seek out new strategies to market to our ideal clients in ways they'll actually respond to. So, how do you get started? Get a FREE report and CD from legal marketing guru, Ben Glass.

Ben will teach you how to: stop marketing like every other lawyer on the block; grow the kind of practice you can be proud of; and still get home in time for dinner. Contact us today - 703-591-9829.

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