An excellent way for attorneys to learn about new legal marketing plans is to study the techniques employed by successful law firms. Attorney Charlie Hoffheimer, a divorce attorney in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a perfect example of a lawyer who took the Great Legal Marketing methodology and turned it into continuous success for his firm. Despite the recession and the competitive field of family law, he has seen steady growth within his firm year after year.


Lawyer marketing success tips that attorneys can draw from Charlie's example include the following:


  1. Run a niche within a niche

  2. Center legal marketing around an authored book

  3. Utilize education oriented advertising

  4. Offer seminars

  5. Write interesting blogs

  6. Utilize email for consistent follow up


Attorney Hoffheimer's niche within a niche is his female only divorce practice. Following the "better informed client is a better client" motto, he targets a specific demographic and provides them with valuable, interesting information relevant to their legal problems. As a result of following these and other Great Legal Marketing strategies, his firm now obtains nearly half of all new clients through referrals and another 50% find him through his internet marketing. He also now is part of the Great Legal Marketing mastermind group and runs a new specialty program for family law attorneys to share his keys to success and help others grow their practices as quickly as he has.


To learn more about the techniques Attorney Hoffheimer uses for successful legal marketing, contact Great Legal Marketing at our office at 703-591-9829.

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