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The Top 4 Reasons to Attend the 2013 Great Legal Marketing Summit... Even if You Have Attended One of Our Events in the Past

REASON #1: The legal marketing world continues to change faster than any of us could ever have imagined even a couple of years ago.  As I am writing this blog post, the Florida Supreme Court is announcing new onerous restrictions on lawyer advertising in that state.  The Supreme Court of Virginia has just decided a case that determined whether or not a lawyer is allowed to blog or comment on his own cases that have occured in a public trial, and every day ther is some new social media site which becomes a "must use or die" tool.  Current media such as TV and the Internet become even more fragmented and difficult to use effectively as consumers turn to watching and viewing what they demand when they demand it (and nothing else).  

REASON #2: It is the place where lawyers like us gather.  There is no other organization on the planet thinking about and working on the survival of the solo and small firm via effective, ethical, and creative marketing and practice building as we are at Great Legal Marketing.

The Great Legal Marketing annual Summit has now become firmly entrenched in many lawyers' schedules because they know that there is no other annual gathering of like-minded lawyers in the country. That is a bold statement and I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Sure, there are other lawyer conventions and seminars that will draw more than 300 attendees.  I have been to some of them.  You probably have too.  There are many good things that go on at the annual conventions of the national and statewide trial lawyer associations.  Very little of what goes on there, however, is about effective marketing and practice building.  Sure, you might hit one great speaker on this topic every so often but rarely will you find a collection of speakers and attendees who are so willing to be not only innovative and creative with their legal practices but at the same time are willing to share what works (and what does not) with others.

REASON #3: The online marekting world is changing faster than any one lawyer or law firm can keep up with.

Just in the last three years we have seen a tsunami of changes in Google's search engine algorithms.  Each significant change was predicted (and in some cases warned against) by my buddy Tom Foster and his team at Foster Web Marketing.  In some cases my mastermind members complained about changes that Tom was proactively making to their websites in advance of the dreaded Google Panda update.  Later, they sent him champagne.

What makes Tom so unique is that not only does he have an unsurpassed knowledge of the intricacies of the Web, including the latest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Local, social media, link building, and Web content best practices, but he's also a savvy marketer who "gets it" when it comes to the GLM style of marketing.

Tom understands that it's not enough to get firms to place highly for organic searches; it's crucial to convert visitors once they arrive on your site.  If your webmaster doesn't get this, you are throwing your money away.  

REASON #4: The positive energy at our conferences is amazing.

I know that if you have attended any lawyer conference in the last 36 months you could not have avoided feeling the lack of positive energy in the room.  Some of these events are filled by lawyers desperately trying to start their own practices or enter a new practice area because they have been downsized by biglaw.  Others are in the room only because of their state, like Virginia, requires a minimum number of hours of continuing legal education each year (thank goodness for online learning).

Our conferences are actually a cool place to be.  This is the place where you can see your lawyer marketing friends year after year after year.  You can hang out with all of the cool Internet geeks in the Foster Web markeing "cube" and you can joke with Rem Jackson while he goes on and on (and on and on) about how gorillas eat bananas (you had to be there!).

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