Most in my lawyer mastermind group (22 firms, meeting three times a year, for two days each meeting) reported their best years ever at our last meeting in Chandler, AZ. (Home of our friends at Infusionsoft.) Here's what the best of the best tend to have in common. Study this list for clues:

  1. Hire a marketing assistant (or, as one member did, find some free interns at the local university and figure out some way to get them to pay to test Google Ads to drive prospects to your website – then report on the two cases you got!);
  2. Commit to tracking and understanding your numbers.
  3. Share your numbers with your staff – show them what it costs to be you – challenge them to meet new numbers – figure out how they can compete with each other;
  4. Learn about business from outside the law – attend business or marketing seminars that are NOT built for lawyers and read books (or at the very least, subscribe to a business book summary program;
  5. Get out and meet more people – no, not talking about “let me buy you lunch” stuff – find out about how people in your community are running businesses and ask, “What can I do for you?” (just about everyone in that group has figured out a way to make heroes out of other people and their businesses and this works like magic);
  6. Stop creating marketing that talks about you and how great you are and start sharing your clients’ stories  - that’s much more interesting and effective;
  7. Having said to not talk about yourself, feel free to tell your personal, non-lawyer story – it’s interesting;
  8. Continue to improve the client experience – look at each step of your process through the clients’ eyes and ask yourself, “By tomorrow, how can we make that part better?”
  9. Find people who match your firm values and get rid of anyone who doesn’t – every time someone in the group tells the story of a firing of “Battling Bertha,” the story ends with “and I should have done it sooner.”
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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