Link Exchanges Are Free Legal Advertising

When your website is linked to by another reliable source, it's the equivalent of a great word-of-mouth referral. You can be linked to by other lawyers' websites, local organizations, chambers of commerce, expert sites, and many other great websites. The trick here is getting yourself established as a lawyer website they'd want to link to.

Some good ways to get these inbound links are: 

  • Ask! Contact other lawyers with other practice areas, if they're friends of yours, exchange lawyer website links and endorse them as your suggestion for their area of practice. Hopefully they'll do the same.
  • Sign up with link lists. Many local chambers of commerce or local business searches are interested in compiling lists of links of reputable businesses and professional services in the area.
  • Publish your articles and blogs elsewhere. There are many information hubs like, Yahoo! Answers, and that look for good articles or expert answers to legal questions. By publishing your lawyer website content and blog entries on these sites, they link back to your main site in return. 

The bottom line is "you scratch our back, we'll scratch yours" in the Internet linking game. Many websites get their reputation from having good external references to other trusted websites, and your lawyer website is no different. While you may not be a business law attorney, you may know a great local one that you can direct your visitors to. Being a legal guru isn't just about your knowledge in your practice area, but also knowing that you're surrounded by other successful professionals.

There are many other tips and things you need to know when working on getting your lawyer website found on the Internet. My article covers the basics of how search engine rankings work, as well as other important ways to be found.   

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