Now that you have fresh content flooding into your web pages, you’re probably wondering how best to tell the world about them. While you could email your entire contact list (and you should, via a newsletter), it’s just as important to establish ways for your customer to find you.

Hyperlinks are key to bringing in your ideal client, but not all links are created equal. Consider the following before using:

  • Internal links. Most of the linking on your site will be internal, or pointed toward other relevant areas of your own website. These links have one goal: to keep your customers reading, getting them to stay on your site (recognizing you as an authority in your practice area) for as long as possible.
  • Reputable external links. You will occasionally need to add links to other areas of the web, such as when you reference a topic for a blog post. You should consider which link to use carefully; if a story is listed in multiple places, go with the one that has the most recognition.
  • Inbound links. While it will increase your search engine ranking when other pages link to your site, links from pages with millions of outbound links will rank far lower than one from a reputable site. Your goal is to attract links from people who have authority and influence.
  • Networking links. Many attorneys make the mistake of not linking to any other attorney—or even any other local business or information source. As long as the source is not a direct competitor, you should include a link to their site. Search engines will reward you for it, and human readers will appreciate your willingness to provide additional information beyond your own backyard.

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