Many great websites can be made even better with a few key improvements. Through efficient marketing strategies, it shouldn’t be incredibly difficult to get potential clients to a law firm’s website. With the speed and zero commitment of clicking away for fifteen minutes, people looking to hire an attorney in the law can get to dozens of websites and find endless information. That’s good for them, and provides law firms many opportunities to impress the potential clients.

The next step: getting them to stay on your website

If you have provided various types of information on the website for your legal practice—such as videos, library articles, blogs, FAQs, and news articles—there should be plenty of stuff to keep people interested. They’re seeking information on a particular subject or practice area, and you can be the one to give it to them.

But at any point during their visit, they might be looking for more: contact with an actual person.

The great part is that there are companies that provide service around the clock for websites for law firms or doctors’ offices, and they’re priced fairly reasonably. You might be able to have someone at a desk during work hours ready to take the call or live-chat, but that’s not always efficient—or worth a law firm’s time.

There will be a point during a potential client’s seemingly endless web search for DUI lawyers or bankruptcy representation where all she wants is to talk to another human being. If your website provides that service, you will be more likely to have her hooked from there. It’s best for everyone, and can be a big step for earning each other’s trust.

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