There's an old saying in the news industry: “feed the beast.” Newspapers and TV stations have lots of space and time to fill, and reporters and producers are constantly searching not only for news, but also for local experts who can comment on this news, either in print or on the airwaves. And how do these reporters and producers identify the attorneys who are most likely to offer useful and timely comments? By going through their press releases and either calling or emailing them!

That's why, as a practicing lawyer, you should not be shy about issuing press releases, even if you feel that you're being boastful or unnecessarily trumpeting your achievements.

If your press release has even the most tenuous connection to a breaking new story, that's all a frazzled intern or cub reporter will need to get in touch with you and make you part of the coverage. Once you've proven that you're a reliable source—cooperative, available, and not over the top—you will be rewarded with even more invitations to offer quotes or appear on TV, since reporters like to deal with people they know (and who they know can deliver).

Even better, if there is a major news story in your area that touches on your specialty in any way, don't be afraid to issue a press release. You may feel that doing so is taking advantage of other peoples' misfortune, but by injecting yourself into the story, you're improving the visibility of your firm and making the job of the local media easier. (Of course, you need to be tasteful; if a dozen people have just been killed in a bus crash, you don't want to come off as too eager to get on TV!)

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