The seemingly most simple and yet most often occurring mistake that lawyers make in their legal advertising could be the most costly. Many lawyers simply try to make their advertisements accomplish too much. For example, they provide too much information on their educational background, what their specialty is, and years of experience. Unfortunately, this approach does not stand out in a crowd of other legal advertisements. It is also expensive, taking up a large portion of the law firm budget for many solo practitioners and small firms. Not only is attorney advertising expensive, it is also inefficient when not done properly.


In sharp contrast, the best lawyer advertising is attention grabbing and thought provoking. Legal marketing strategies should use advertising to accomplish one goal. That goal is to interest the client enough that they are willing to speak with the attorney on a one on one, more personal basis. It is at that point that the lawyer can provide more information and educate the client on their background and services. The legal advertisement itself, however, does not have to list all relevant information about the law firm or the attorney profiles. It simply must be memorable enough that it provokes the client to reach out and interact.


Lawyer marketing is an essential tool to growing and running a law practice. For small firms on a budget, choosing effective law firm advertising strategies is especially important. Great Legal Marketing can assist your firm in setting up an attraction system based upon education and trust. Contact our office at 703-591-9829.

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