One of the main ways you can save your client newsletter from the fate of tossed out is to make it interesting. You want your newsletter to be a monthly piece of mail they look forward to, just like a magazine. This means your content needs to be fresh, unique, and relevant to their interests.

Remember that everything you find interesting that is related to your practice isn't necessarily going to interest the recipients of your newsletter. While the results of the latest state government statute revisions may send your interest meter soaring, it usually won't be the same for your clients.

Refrain from including straight legal content like, case briefs or even worse, legislature. Instead, report on these sorts of news items from an average person's perspective.

Don't forget to give your client newsletter some personality, too! Your clients want to know what else is going on in the world around your law firm, not just legal matters. Include fun stories about you and your employees, local events, and even interview a client or 2. A great strategy would be to feature client success stories and how your firm impacted their lives.

The client newsletter is a powerful outreach tool that serves as a great follow-up marketing strategy. Don't pass up the value this publication can offer to your law firm.

My article on effective use of your monthly newsletter offers content and organizational ideas to make your newsletter a success. 

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