Make Your Law Firm Tagline Do the Work for You

So here's the tagline for BenGlassLaw:

Benjamin W. Glass, III & Assoc., P.C.
"You May Not Need a Lawyer"

Wait, did my tagline just tell people they MAY NOT need me? It sure did. That's part of my niche, I try to help my potential clients NOT need to hire me. I want to help educate them first by providing all my free books and consumer guides. I love it when a client is well informed about their situation and what legal actions they need to take, because it saves me time explaining it.

My stance is, if I can give 100 clients the means to decide if they need a lawyer or not, even if 90 of them decide not to hire me, that's still 10 that realize they do need an attorney. I just saved myself the time and effort of having to consult with (and turn away) 90 small or non-cases.

When you're developing a tagline for your legal practice you need to first decide on what message you want to send. You should be using your tagline to tell your clients what kind of lawyer you are and what you'll do for them. I'm not saying be blunt and just say "I'm a personal injury lawyer who will fight for your rights" - that's not only boring, that's obvious.

My tagline tells clients that I'm not your typical "give me all your cases" lawyer - I'm different. Your tagline works in conjunction with the rest of your legal marketing, so it's usually not even necessary to promote your practice areas with it, since the rest of your advertising most likely does that for you. Instead, identifying what kind of lawyer you are should be done to make you stand out. How many lawyers do you see telling their clients they may not need them?

Developing a law firm tagline can be tricky. I recommend you pick the brains of a few of your trusted sources of inspiration like your office staff, fellow attorneys, friends and family. You never know who's a clever wordsmith who can help you develop your great law firm tagline. 

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