Make Your Legal Marketing Campaign Complex

A good legal marketing plan is both essential and complex.  In this fast-paced media age, a simple change to your yellow pages advertisement is not going to yield the kind of results that you want or expect.

To create a good marketing plan for your law firm, you must be creative and consider many different angles.  The cookie cutter approach of explaining your credentials and offering a free consultation is not going to set you apart from your competition.  If your marketing plan is average, your clients and your practice are also likely to be average.

In order to create the dynamic and complex marketing campaign that you want, you need to have a different message and a different way of sending your message.  For example, instead of creating just a website, you could write books and make videos that establish you as the expert.  You can then provide the materials to prospective clients for free.

If you need help coming up with ideas about how, where, or even why to change your legal marketing strategy, we encourage you to join a mastermind group where you get together with like-minded small business owners and share your ideas.  We also encourage you to read our free report: Read What Other Lawyers Who Have Taken Action are Saying About Ben Glass and The Great Legal Marketing Ultimate Personal Injury Practice Building Toolkit (And They Aren't All Personal Injury Lawyers!)

While there is no magic button you can press to create your law firm marketing strategy, you may feel like you've done a little magic when you start only taking the cases you really want to take, working fewer hours, and making more money.
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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