Make Your Readers Want to Read Your Lawyer Blog Posts

Your clients will visit your lawyer blog for information and perhaps, for a bit of entertainment. Your blog content should be easily read, relevant, engaging, and constantly updated to be an effective part of your legal marketing strategy. This may sound like a difficult thing to accomplish in 300 words, but as long as you remember a few key points it will be a snap. 

  • Be interesting
  • Be redundant
  • Be a tease
  • Be open

Don't be afraid to go a little off the beaten path every once in a while. Lawyer blog posts that throw in a little non-lawyer fun now and again will show that there is more to you than your law practice. Discuss community news, or share interesting (but never overly personal) tidbits from your travels or non-work activities. Holiday posts are always fun diversions from the everyday legal world.

Remember that the more blog content you post, the more your lawyer blog can help you. For more tips on how blogging generates traffic for your website, read my article. 

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