Market Aggressively, Then Tone Down Your Legal Marketing

There's somewhat of a downward slope when it comes to the effort you must put in to bring a potential client from a stage of interest to a solid fan of your service. The initial impression you make needs to be the result of an intensive effort on your legal marketing strategy to grab their interest.

Once you've got their interest, you need to grow that interest into a desire; specifically, the desire for you to be their lawyer and represent their case. This step requires a little less marketing since you have their attention already. It's critical at this step that you get them to focus on you and only you. Your client should believe you are their soul mate when it comes to legal needs.

Now that they're an established client, you give them the best service you can.
You may think marketing to them is over, but it's not. Let them know that even though their case is in progress or even concluded, you still value them as a part of your law firm family. This is where your ongoing legal marketing, newsletters and such, keep reaching out to them.

Years later, when their case has been concluded and they're no longer actively using your services, they'll still remember you. Your marketing doesn't have to be nearly as aggressive: you've hit the marketing plateau. Let them know that they're still on your radar, just as you should be on theirs for any legal matters. This way, your name is the first that comes to mind when someone asks if they know a good lawyer.

I've identified 6 stages to hooking, engaging, and keeping a client as part of your satisfied client entourage. My article explains more on the 6 stages of your legal marketing message and how it gets people from potential client to raving fan.  

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