Marketing and Advertising: Two Different Animals

Attorney advertising is only a part of your legal marketing plan. Your legal marketing campaign is like a puzzle and each advertising method is a piece of that puzzle; when they all come together they form the big picture that is your legal marketing strategy.

Attorney advertising is each individual event that you use to spread your name and services to potential clients.
This includes: 

  • Yellow Pages ads
  • Participating in a community festival with a booth or sponsorship
  • Promotional items (pens, stress balls, anything with your logo/name)
  • Business cards
  • TV and radio spots 

These are all specific one-shot "yells" that serve to flash your name to the public and let them know who you are and what you offer. They grab attention and lead your potential clients to learn more. This is essentially the goal of attorney advertising - grab their attention and make them want more.

These methods are designed to feed into your overall legal marketing plan. Your attorney advertising should funnel your clients to your website or to order your information (your book, guide, CD, or whatever you offer). That's where the marketing kicks in. Your information-rich sources should give them the knowledge they need and the opportunity to ask you for more help.

Once you've got your attorney advertising working to feed your legal marketing and the clients are paying attention, it's time to make the sale. Don't let sales and marketing confuse you, there's a difference between sales and marketing that successful lawyers understand. My article helps differentiate the two and shows how they work together to help you build a successful practice. 

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