Have you ever wondered why China, whose rulers once wholeheartedly subscribed to die-hard Communist principles, is now in everything but name a consumer society? It's because the people in China have the same basic motivations and drives as people anywhere else in the world: they want to improve their situation in life, they want more material possessions, they want their children to be successful, and they want to enjoy their precious leisure time.

Why is this such a valuable fact for lawyers to absorb? Just like most people in the world want to the same basic things out of life—money, security, happiness—they also want the same basic things when they're looking to hire a lawyer. A U.S. citizen who has just been hit by a car will naturally have certain questions in mind—Can I sue the driver for my damages? Can I find a lawyer to take on my case?—and anyone else in the world will ask himself these questions as well.

That's why it's possible to protest too much that your law practice is “different,” and insist that innovative legal marketing techniques won't work for you, personally, given your location and the demographics of your clients. Once you realize that all people react in pretty much the same way to the same stimuli—say, opening their front door to receive a summons from an angry neighbor—you will realize that you can, in fact, make use of novel marketing techniques, both to improve your bottom line and to increase your roster of faithful, paying clients.

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