For many years, I fought against outsourcing for lawyers. I feared losing control of my business and that things wouldn't get done correctly if I didn't do them myself. Then I realized I was being a control freak. There are many competent people out there making a living on providing these professional services to businesses of all kinds. They wouldn't still be around if they didn't do a great job at what they do.

When things were overwhelming me and I was faced with hiring more employees or killing myself with extra work. I did neither. What I did was find a professional business services firm that specialized in outsourcing for lawyers. Instead of trying to find individual solutions to my more complicated legal marketing issues (like a quick, efficient way to mail hundreds of letters) I had a company that would handle it all for me.

Outsourcing with a professional business services company is like having a personal concierge at your fingertips.
I contact them with my issue, and they either solve it for me or find someone who can. I'm saving time by not doing all that extra work, I'm saving money by not having to hire another body in the office to do it, and I'm still in control of my practice and my life.

Today I have a company answering my phones, I have my automated software sending my e-newsletters and I have others screening my client contacts so only the ideal clients get through to our office. I'm enjoying more free time, and less stressful work, and it's all thanks to outsourcing.

You can make your own outsourcing success story with the tips and information in my article. Don't think that your law firm will fall apart if you don't run every little detail - there are plenty of people out there who know just as much as you about running business operations, if not more. 

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