Every business is part of a community. If it weren’t for the community, there would be no need for the business. The community needs the business, too, or it wouldn’t survive, and a savvy businessman wouldn’t have opened the business in the first place. But there they are, the community and business working together and relying on each other’s existence.

This mutual dependency can be seen in the business community as well. When two companies in different fields—say, a law firm and a barbershop—are obviously not competing against each other, they can work together in a mutually beneficial relationship. It might not make sense at first, but almost any community businesses can help each other out.

Let’s look at this in depth.

If your law firm is sending out a monthly newsletter to your potential clients (as it should be), include some community news. It is a newsletter, after all. Take that barbershop. Maybe it’s been part of the community for twenty years—or maybe it’s new to town. If it’s been around for a while, include a small article in your newsletter about the history of the barbershop and how it has affected and been involved with the community. If it’s new, welcome it to the community through your newsletter. Put your law firm’s name on there too, but don’t overshadow the barbershop.

Then get a decent frame and put the clipping form the newsletter and present it to the owner of the barbershop. Tell him you appreciate serving the same small (or large) community. Kind words are rarely rejected, and if it’s sincere, the owner will more than likely hang it in the shop. Is it pandering and looking for free advertising? Maybe, but it makes him look good too, and mutually beneficial marketing is good for everyone.

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