The simple fact of the matter is that law firm marketing is not easy. If it were easy, every lawyer would be a millionaire and never have to work again. Everyone would go into law school and live out their days as the clients come pouring in with multi-million dollar cases that resolve themselves.

This isn’t news to you. You know being a lawyer is not easy, and law firm marketing can be even more difficult. Not every lawyer has the same crossover between the legal field and the business world, so taking care of the business side can prove difficult.

Many law firms come to Ben Glass and Great Legal Marketing looking for the one tweak they can make to their marketing strategy that will turn everything around for them. They scour their notes from seminars and books for that one line they wrote that will open the door to endless clients and perfect harmony in life.

The bad news is, there is no magic bullet that will lead to perfect marketing greatness. What Ben Glass can show you is a chart of how he attracts the types of clients he wants to work with, and how much he does to court the people who are looking for his abilities.

Most people don’t see a chart as a marketing tool, but the right combination of marketing tools that law firms can use may put them in a position to take the clients they actually want to work with.

Great Legal Marketing offers advice on how to use a little elbow grease in your marketing to yield great results. Hard work is key because good marketing is difficult, but it shouldn’t take seventy hours a week. For more advice on how to run a successful marketing strategy, contact Ben Glass and get registered for a seminar. You can also order a free chapter from his book online.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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