No Tie Required for a Good Mastermind Group

The Mastermind Group I run at my Great Legal Marketing SuperConferences may be a more formal affair, but your local Mastermind Group can be more casual and just as effective.

To form any sort of meeting group you need to remember a few things: 

  • You don't need to have a set meeting place;
  • You don't need a conference/board room;
  • You don't need to charge any sort of membership dues;
  • You don't need a dress code;
  • You don't need A/V equipment; and
  • You don't need guest speakers.  

So what do you need? A few successful business owners and professionals, a place to talk, and a few hours a month. That's really it. You can meet anywhere that will accommodate you. You may want to rotate around to those of you with offices that have conference rooms, or even meet for dinner once a month at a local restaurant (try for one with a private room if you can).

Dues are really unnecessary because they usually just pay for things like conference room reservations and catering. You can forgo those luxuries and negate the need to charge dues. You're meeting to be productive, not to sit around in a fancy hotel meeting room and eat appetizers.

Keep things casual because you're all working professionals and the last thing you probably want to do is keep the suit and tie on for another 3 hours to go to another meeting. I'm not saying to hold Mastermind Groups in sweats or pajama pants, but you can switch to a shirt and jeans.

The more open and casual your Mastermind Group is, the more open your discussions will be. People tend to give more honest opinions when they're in a social chatting environment, rather than a professional meeting. You want a good, unbiased perspective on your marketing ideas and business issues, so foster that with a casual Mastermind Group meeting

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