No, We Do't Guarantee More Income Just for Showing Up

I had an interesting email exchange with an attorney who will remain nameless.


If I recall correctly, the last conference in Virginia I think it was the cost was over $1500.00 to attend. If I'm going to spend that kind of money, then I want a money back guarantee that if my business doesn't grow in income by 3 to 5x that amount, then I see no reason to attend. 

                                                                                  David (name withheld)

Here was my response.


No, I'm NOT Going to Guarantee that You'll Make more money just by showing up at my conference. To do that I'd have to make sure you actually take action, then personally answer your phones and then do your cases for you. I'm not doing that. I don't guarantee what I have no control over.

Here's my promise:

Stay for the entire conference. If you are not totally, 100% convinced that this isn't the best legal marketing conference you've even gone to and if you head isn't ready to explode with all the ideas I've given you then tell me at the end, and I'll cheerfully refund your money. The only "condition" is that you have to look me in they eye, man to man, and tell my WHY you are dissatisfied. Keep all of the materials we have given you and we'll part friends.

By the way, the conference is much more expensive than $1,500 but we discount with early registration. We sold out the last two so we must be doing something right.

I am concerned about your goals however. 5 X $1,500 is only $7,500. Most who attend would add one "zero" to that and my mastermind group would add 2 zero's. So, if you are thinking in terms of $7,500 additional profit it can't be worth your time to travel to Northern Virginia, could it?

Seriously.. download the the some of those folks.



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