What do most people do when they want to kill time on their laptops, their smartphones or their tablets? Most of the time, they either play games or watch videos on YouTube, both of which are intensely visual experiences and don't place much demand on the cognitive regions of their brains. In fact, YouTube has become so popular and so ubiquitous that an increasing number of people are accustomed to gleaning their information via videos, rather than reading long, tedious stories on Wikipedia or news sites.

What does this mean for your law firm's website?

Well, an increasing number of lawyers have been embedding videos on their web pages, in which they talk about what they can do for a potential client, rather than making that person read the information in print. This is a win-win proposition, not only because (as mentioned above) people like to watch videos, but because many of your potential clients may be slow readers, or may not even have English as their first language—and need to take cues from your gestures and body language to get the gist of what you can do for them.

At Great Legal Marketing, we know that incorporating videos on your law firm's website is not a luxury, but a necessity. Launching a text-only website (even if it has flashy graphics) is like releasing a silent movie in the age of talkies.

Of course, you'll need to supplement your video with written information, and you can't entirely abandon text on your site for simple logistical reasons (you need to include headlines and other copy in order to place well in Google search). But video has become a essential part of innovative legal marketing in today’s competitive market. Ignore it, and your website will be ignored in turn.

Need help adding video to an existing law firm website, or one about to launch? Contact the legal marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing (888-791-2150) to learn more today!

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