If you're a busy lawyer, you can be forgiven for assuming that marketing your practice is one big crapshoot: there's no law that says buying space on a billboard will be more or less effective than taking out a Yellow Pages ad, or that a local TV advertising campaign will attract more (or less) clients than a focused social media initiative.

In fact, it's very easy for attorneys to plan their marketing campaigns completely randomly and on the spur of the moment; after all, their degrees are in law, not business or media! And in the worst case, if your chosen strategy fails, you can always go on to Plan B—and Plans C and D down the line, assuming you're still in business.

As you can probably guess, “random choice” is not a good way to go about marketing your law firm. The problem is, if you pick and choose whimsically among various media (TV, radio, billboards, the Web, etc.), the result will not be a coherent marketing campaign, but a slapdash effort that screams “desperation” to prospective clients. You don't want to base the future of your law firm on a call you happen to receive one day from an extremely persuasive Yellow Pages rep, or an SEO expert who catches you at the right time and convinces you to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a dubious web advertising scheme.

If you market without a solid plan, that's not doing justice to you or your expertise—or to your employees, who would like to remain employed for the indefinite future!

At Great Legal Marketing, we know that an effective lawyer marketing campaign requires extensive planning and strategy. Questions? Read a sample chapter of Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing book on this website, and contact our lawyer marketing mavens at 888-791-2150 to find out what we can do for you!

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