One Way to Ensure Your Legal Marketing Campaign Bombs

We have all heard of those law firms – the ones that spend thousands, even millions, on legal marketing, but have no systems in place. They manage to get the phone to ring and clients to contact them through their websites, but they have no effective way of managing their leads.

Systems = Success
Maybe you aren’t a systems guy or gal, but the hard truth is that you will need to figure out how to change your outlook or approach to business. You can’t run a successful law practice without having systems in place, including a system to handle your legal marketing efforts. If you try to manage your business without the use of systems, you are heading down an unstable path. Eventually, things are going to become out of control and valuable leads will start to slip through your fingers.

You need a legal marketing system.
There are many systems that are required to run a profitable practice, but I want to focus on one specifically, and that is your legal marketing system. You need to have an established method for not only attracting new prospects, but also following up with them. At my law firm, we have a back-end marketing campaign that sends regular marketing touches to our potential clients. We have found that some of the big cases we have signed occurred months after the initial contact by the clients.

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